Blue Boob Milk Jug

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This ceramic milk jug is handmade and thrown on the potter's wheel. The boobs have been handcrafted onto this thrown shape. This is the first and only jug made by The Naked Potter at present.

Each ceramic pot, vase, and jug is distinct from others made by The Naked Potter, either by glaze, pot shape or boob shape/size. This uniqueness represents the individuality and diverseness of the feminine form.

This boob jug, which can also be used as a plant pot, is made from lava fleck clay before being fired in a kiln. The pot is then layered with glazes before being fired a final time. All pots and vases are water and dishwasher safe, but must be treated with care.

Dimensions (approx):
Height 9.5cm
Width 18cm
Depth 11cm